Simplicity and security!

God is love, so we love. God is kind, so we show kindness. god gives, so we are called to be generous.

How can I give?

Text to Give

Text GIVECBC + any amount to 73256. (Example: GIVECBC $50) You'll receive a link to complete your gift. You'll also have the option to save bank account or debit card info for future gifts.

Online Giving

Online giving is easy and secure. Click the link below to visit our Online Giving site where you can set up an account or give as a guest. You'll also have the option to set up recurring gifts and view reports of your contributions. GIVE NOW

During Worship Services

Yes, we still accept checks and cash! Drop your gift in an offering plate or in one of the clear boxes by the Worship Center doors.

Got questions about giving?

What is a tithe?

The Bible says to give a tenth of your income to the local church. This is called a tithe and helps teach us how to be obedient to God's commands and keep Him first in our lives.

Is an offering different than a tithe?

Yes. Offerings are given above a tithe and are freely given from surplus. Offerings are free-will gifts given without obligation, mandate or expectation.

Why does the Bible talk about giving so much?

Giving makes us more Christ-like. The Bible talks about money more often love or grace. Our attitude about money and giving matters a lot to God.

What does stewardship mean?

It's the act of managing the resources and possessions of another. A steward is a manager, not the owner. God owns it all so our role is to act as managers of His assets.